Buying Furniture For Your Living Room

Buying Furniture For Your Living Room

Shopping for Living Room Furniture in Singapore? Some of you have already leaped and purchased a home of your own, whether it’s an BTO, Condo, Landed or Resale flat. It’s possible that you haven’t moved at all. Still, you’re ready to replace your worn and mismatched furniture with some newer pieces that is more stylish or more comfortable sofa for your beautiful living room. Our guide has you covered.

You would thought of engaging ID to plan for your, but actually it is more cost-effective to just purchase furniture from Furniture shop or Online Furniture shop in Singapore.

Firstly, you can consider your purpose of your living room. It can be used daily for relaxation, gathering with family and friends, binge watch Netflix or for home office for working from home.
If you have kids or pets , you should avoid buying glass and sharp edge furniture and opt for round edge and easy to maintain furniture.

Relaxing Sofa

Sofa is an important piece of furniture for your living room. To end a long day at work, we relax on the sofa. The recliner sofa or chair or sofa bed is used where we can curl up with a good book or binge-watch our favorite television show in total comfort. Or a large sectional or L shape sofa to have gathering with family or friends.

Asclepius Italy Half Leather Sofa with Manual Recliner       Vazzo Sofa Bed

If you have a small living room , you should choose 2 seater sofa or loveseats. If you have large living room you should opt for sectional or L-sofa instead of small sofa else it does not look generous and look out of place.


Consider Leather Sofa for a luxurious and timeless look. To save cost, you can get opt for a Half Leather Sofa. Half Leather Sofa is made with genuine leather on seating surface and rest with synthetic leathers, making it a cheaper solution than Full Genuine Leather Sofa.

Puzi L Leather Sofa

Coffee Table

You should consider what coffee table is meant for, a decor piece or storage or other function.


You can get a Multi-Functional Coffee Table if you have small area or for when you have family or friends coming to your place. It can be serve as coffee table, work table or dining table.

Dawi Multi Coffee Table   Dawi Multi Functional Coffee Table Living Room Furniture

TV Console

Lastly like sofa , TV Console is a focal point of the living room. It lets you put your media and keep things out of sight.

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