Furniture Simple Guidelines : Choosing Sofa for your Home in Singapore

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Furniture Guide : Choosing Sofa for your Home in Singapore

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Fabric Sofa vs Leather Sofa Singapore

Want to get a sofa for your new home or change sofa but not sure how? Fret not, here are simple guidelines for you when choosing your sofa:

Accurately Measure The Space


It would be great to keep your measurement tape handy.
Don’t purchase the sofa until you’ve had the pieces measured.
Customers have often bought furniture only to discover that it doesn’t fit when it arrives at their home.
Compared to returning your purchased furniture, taking the measurements is much less time-consuming.
So, firstly you should measure the space.
After getting the measurements, you should what type of sofa configuration would work best in the room.

If you have a large living room, you should not get sofa that is too small.

Look and Concept


After measuring, you can choose what type of sofa , colour and etc that fits your concept.
Choose the design , colour , texture , configuration that would match your living room concept and size.


Lastly, you have to figure out what is the purpose of sofa.
What are you using the sofa for ? And how your are going to use it ?
Couch Potato ? Gathering ? Formal Use ?
It will affect the type , size and configuration of the sofa you required.

Add ons / Configuration:
Example : L Shape Sofa , Corner Sofa , Recliner Sofa , Incliner SofaSofa Bed , Sofa with cup holders …

Type of Sofa : Fabric Sofa or Leather Sofa

Fabric Sofa vs Leather Sofa

Alan Fabric Sofa

Murphy Saddle Leather Recliner Sofa

Furthermore, there are also different quality, type and grade of Fabric and Leather that affects the look , quality and price.

Fabric : Washable Detachable Fabric Cover, Acacia, Technology Fabric , Leatheraire …
Leather : Half Leather / Full Genuine Leather , Cowhide Leather, Saddle Leather , PVC …


In addition, there are different frames of sofa and comfort, seat depth , the backrest for back support and height.
For the best experience, it is best to head down to get a feel of the sofa.

You can head down to Living Solution Experience Store to touch, feel and test different sofas .
You can test different Fabric Sofa and Leather Sofa
16 Kallang Place S339156
Open Daily : 11.00am – 7.30pm

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