• 160cm Stainless Steel Top Wooden Kitchen Cabinet with Sink

    *Pre Order 4-6 weeks delivery
    201 Stainless Steel Top with Wood Backing
    ** Note there is Sharp square edge **
    Wooden Kitchen Cabinet
    Ready-to-assemble Kitchen Cabinet (Deliver Fully Assembled)
    – Screws can be seen due to it been knocked down
    Table Top Depth 50cm | Body Structure Depth 45cm
    Height 77cm (incl 15cm leg)
    *Customisable Depth and Height at additional cost (Pre Order Required)
    Choice of Black Handle / White Ceramic Handle
    Soft closing hinges
    Optional with Stove Cut (Pre Order Required)
    Upgradable to 304 Stainless Steel at extra cost  (Pre Order Required)
    Single Sink (49x33x17cm)
    Big Sink (58x42x20cm) – Pre Order Required (4-6 weeks) at additional $60
    *No tap is provided
    *Does not include plumbing job – Available at extra cost

    Environment Friendly Eco Board Wooden Structure
    Table Top can withstand max 300kg weight
    MDF Door
    Pre Order Required for other Door Colour with Additonal cost of 10 per door

    *It is natural occurrence to have welding marks on stainless steel as our stainless steel is welded to prevent it falling apart and support without the use of glue or screw
    As it is stainless steel sheet welded onto wooden board, it is inevitable to have welded joint marks with grinding polished groove marks at the edge

    Pre Order 4 - 8 weeks Delivery

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