Ada Multi Functional Coffee Table

Multi Functional Space Saving Furniture for your Home

Furniture is an important piece that give life and design to your home.
It is also wise to choose carefully for furniture especially for those with
small home which is a happening thing these days.

So what can you do without compromising the design and look of your home ?
You can invest in multi-purpose furniture design, it is meant
to have more than 2 functions also known as space saving furniture.

Here at Living Solution , we have couple of furniture that serve such purpose.

Multi Functional Coffee Table

A great coffee table comes with lift-up function, a multi-purpose coffee table
that can be used as work table and dining table. It is a great add on for small homes
or someone who need a modern, multi functionality coffee table.

Ada Multi Functional Coffee Table


Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed can be used as sofa or as spare bed.
A functional space saving sofa bed for living room, guest room or study room.

Jona Fabric Sofa Bed

Jona Techonology Fabric Sofa Bed

Vazzo Fabric Sofa Bed with Storage is a ideal sofa bed , firm and comfortable sofa bed, can be use as sofa or bed.
It also has a extra hidden storage, A functional space saving sofa bed for living room, guest room or study room.

Vazzo Sofa Bed

Vazzo Fabric Sofa Bed with Storage


Extendable Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table is ideal for compact living space. It is useful for those who have limited space
You can expand when needed for large gathering and collapsed it back thereafter.

You can pair it up with our Dining Chairs.

Rova Sintered Stone Dining Table

Rova Sintered Stone Extension Dining Table

Rova Sintered Stone Extension Dining Table

Sintered Stone Dining Table

Kitchen Island with Storage

Kitchen island is good for adding countertop space in your kitchen.
You can also eat and chill at the counter. You can also customise to have storage,
where you can store your cutleries, pot and pan or less used utensils etc.
It is a good add and looks good if you need extra counter space or storage.

06 Customised Modular Stainless Steel Coloured Door Kitchen Cabinet

Customised Modular Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet with Kitchen Island


Bunk Bed / Double Decker Bed that is great for keeping your kids stuff

Kids’ room is the hardest to arrange with toys and books piling as they grow.
One can consider getting bunk bed with shelving , drawers or with study table
You can also customise bed frame for your kid here at Living Solution.

Aiki Kid Double Decker Bed Frame Bunk Bed Singapore

Storage Bed for Your Bedroom

storage bed is a good investment investment for your bedroom.
It is a smart solution to keep your place organised and kept in sight.
It can help to steer clear of additional chest of drawer, cabinet to store your items
and hence freeing up space.

You can also clear closet by putting items such as your luggage under your storage bed !
It goes beyond space saving purpose and providing comfort for your sleep ,
it also adds modernity and style to your bedroom.

Storage Bed Frame


Alfa Wooden Storage Bed Frame

Maximize space with the Alfa Bed, a fully functional bed with multiple storage capabilities.
The headboard offers compartments to store books, an alarm clock, and other decorative items.
There is also a lift top compartment storage underneath the mattress.
It also consists of 2 drawers and 2 open compartment to maximize storage.

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Your can also browse our full Furniture in Singapore with wide range of furniture for your Home at affordable price.
Living Solution carries a selection of sofa, coffee table, tv console, kitchen cabinet, dining chairs, dining table,
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