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Storage Bed
Benefits of Storage Bed Frame

A storage bed is a good investment investment for your bedroom.
It is a smart solution to keep your place organised and kept in sight.
It can help to steer clear of additional chest of drawer, cabinet to store your items and hence freeing up space.
You can clear closet by putting items such as your luggage under your storage bed !
It goes beyond space saving purpose and providing comfort for your sleep ,
it also adds modernity and style to your bedroom.

Storage Bed also does not hinder your comfort sleep , it is built with platform support
systems, as long as you choose a right mattress, you’ll get a good night sleep on a storage bed.

Here at Living Solution , we have wide range of quality mattress for you to choose from too !
Choosing the right mattress is also as important as the bed structure.
Find a mattress that fits you. You can visit us to test the mattress.

Storage Bed is especially useful for space constraint in Singapore,
and it is good for minimalism and uncluttered space.
With new BTOs getting more constraint, we have line of design that help you save space and also make it aesthetically pleased.

Simple Guide to Choose Storage Bed Frame

Choose, customise and build build your ideal storage bed with us at Living Solution.

– Choose the size : From single, super single , queen and king ;
to make full use of storage bed, size from Queen is the ideal.

– Choose your design , type of frame , height , with or without headboard

– Next, Choose your storage compartment

– Then, Choose your colour and finishing : PVC or Fabric
Choose colour that fits your room concept and tone.

– Lastly you can opt to have jewel or buttons to your custom made storage bed

Storage Bed Frame

Made in Germany; Bansbach easy lift is used for the hydraulic to make access to your storage a breeze,
you can also opt to have with compartment or with drawers or flip storage too !

kaye1-storage bed frame

wooden bed frame with drawers

Storage Bed Frame               storage bed frame
You can choose from simple and sleek design with PVC ; easy to clean and maintain.

Save space with Living Solution
Storage Bed Frame not only helps to save space , it is also modern and stylish,
if you are looking for bed frame and looking to save space , storage bed frame is a good investment,
with so many designs and customisable options, there is definitely one that fits your need and budget.

Visit our experience store or browse our collection of storage bed frame.
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