*The warranty period starts from the first date of delivery and will not renew with exchange or servicing.

Please note that any spare parts and servicing are chargeable if they do not fall under factory defects and/or the warranty has expired.

Product Type Limited
Warranty Period
Coverage on Manufacture Defects
Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet 1 year This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship (“factory defects’) under normal use during warranty period.  

Please note the following conditions are not classed as manufacturing defects, and will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from any alteration, modification, improper or unreasonable use or maintenance of the product, damage or deterioration of products due to normal wear and tear and/or ignoring the warning listed below.

·           Do not rub the surface using scrubbing brush made of metal.

·           When food with thick pigments (e.g. kimchi, curry, coffee, etc.), dirt on cloth, or alkaline detergent come in contact with the surface of counter tops, remove them immediately.

·           Do not use any kind of chlorinated detergents on stainless steel countertops

·           Do not leave salt, soy sauce, water, dirt, knives and any material other than stainless steel on the surface for a long time.

·           Do not leave rubber or resin materials on counter tops for a long time.

·           Do not drain/pour hot oil or boiling water directly into the sink and/or countertop.

·           Do not put boiling kettle or heated frying pan directly on the surface.

·           Do not touch areas around the stove during or right after cooking.


Our decision on all questions relating to defects either of workmanship or of materials shall be conclusive and the customer shall agree to and abide by such a decision. That any spare parts and servicing are chargeable if they do not fall under factory defects and/or the warranty has expired.


Mattress 10 years This warranty covers only a free or at our manufacturer’s option to replace free of charge (other than transportation and upholstery cost) for our mattresses sold within the 1st year due to defect on workmanship only.

From the 2nd to the final year, service will be chargeable according to the repair required, including transportation cost.

Please note that all mattresses will show body impressions as the upholstery settles. This is not a structural defect and is not covered by this warranty.

For Foam Mattress, this warranty covers the foam insert against sagging and deformations under normal use for the stated period.

For all mattresses especially pocketed spring mattress, the foundation used should be a flat, strong one and not otherwise (e.g. wooden strip type with wide gaps in between). Having inferior foundation will be undermine the support for the whole mattress and damage the components inside.

This warranty will be NULL and VOID if:

   The mattress is misused in any way (e.g. folding, bending, standing on or jumping on the mattress puts excessive strain on the component parts and can damage the mattress and foundation).

        The mattress is damaged by any inferior foundation.

A mattress protector should be used to avoid soiling.

Please keep original invoice/ Sale Order as proof of purchase.


What will we do to rectify the defects?

We will examine the product and decide, at our sole discretion, if product is eligible for the limited warranty. If eligible, our Service Team will offer to:

  • Repair or refurbish the defective product
  • 1 to 1 exchange with the same or comparable product
  • 1 to 1 exchange with an alternative product, if we no longer carry a similar product
  • What is not covered under this Warranty Scheme?
    1. Used inappropriately, abused, or misused
    2. Damage or deterioration of products due to normal wear and tear.
    3. Altered without authorization by Living Solution
    4. Cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or products
    5. Damaged due to any impacts or accidents
    6. Placed outdoors or in humid environment
    7. Bought as display sets
    8. Transferred from buyer to another party
    9. Damaged due to pest infestations
    10. Exported out of Singapore


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