Delin Sintered Stone Dining Table
Out of all furniture, dining table is a important piece for bonding with your family and for a meal.
Today we are introducing Sintered Stone Dining Table that is top pick for the last few years by homeowners and
interior designers. Sintered Stone looks like marble but they are actually slab made by natural minerals , environmental friendly
Why pick sintered stone? They are environmental friendly, easy to clean maintain , food grade
and they are also scratch, heat , water and stain resistance !
Because of its benefits , it is also used for kitchen counter tops,
you can check our our Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet with Sintered Stone Top 
Sintered Stone Top Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet
So come and take a pick at Living Solution, our furniture store for our wide range of Modern Sintered Stone Dining Table.
There are many designs and colours to choose from at affordable that would definitely meet your liking !

Roco Series Sintered Stone Extension Dining Table
Extension Dining Table ideal for compact living space , able to expand when needed for large gathering.

Revelle Sintered Stone Dining Table

Revelle Sintered Stone Extension Dining Table
Side Extension Dining Table can be easily extended to make room for all the family and any unplanned visitors.

Aly Sintered Stone Dining Table

Aly Sintered Stone Dining Table

Noma Sintered Stone Dining Table

Noma Sintered Stone Dining Table
Simple 4 legs , modern design.



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