06 Customised Modular Stainless Steel Coloured Door Kitchen Cabinet

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet
Modern Modular Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

Living Solution is here to introduce an important piece of furniture in Singapore for your Home. Here we are introducing you to
our Modern Modular Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets.

Stainless Steel Kitchens have been around for a very long time. It is commonly used in F&B industry, coffeeshops for their commercial kitchen
It is one of the trusted materials used for kitchen due to its durability, versatile use, food grade and high heat resistant property.

Full Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet
Look and Feel

Now it is widely used for homeowners who are looking for Modern sleek industrial metal look and monochromatic Stainless Steel
Kitchen Cabinets. The angular and sleek design of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets just never go out of style and the material
itself doesn’t age. They blend with any look and decor.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

Adding a stainless steel centerpiece like a stainless steel island cabinet could also give a high-end and professional vibe to the kitchen.


Coloured Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

Stainless steel Kitchens can be designed in different colour palettes.

Benefit of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

Stainless Steel is a better seek option and ideal option for kitchen space where it is more durable, corrosion , water , heat , odour and
mould resistant than wooden kitchen cabinet. It also has non-porous and anti-bacterial properties that promote good hygiene which
makes it easy to clean and maintain and do not stain easily.

Many homeowners has opt to get stainless steel kitchen due to wooden
kitchen cabinet falling apart ,attacked by termite, damaged by water, mouldy …

Choice of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

Here at Living Solution , you can choose from our standard Modular Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet from SUS 201 or SUS 304 Grade
else you can also customise modular kitchen cabinet from different configuration such as drawers, cabinets, pull out basket
sink and hobs depending on your kitchen requirements and kitchen space and layout.

Visit the link below to see more details for our standard or Customised Modular Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

With Sink and Drawers

Stove Cut

Pull Out Basket

Coloured Door Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

For Gas Tank

Our stainless steel modular kitchen are all Stainless Steel Welded Construction; hence it will be bulky and hard to deliver. Hence we
kept our modular kitchen cabinet max to 2m in length, if more than 2m , we have to do 2 piece or as deem fit, where the top will
have joint line,as we do not do one whole top for more than 2m. It is also natural occurrence to have welding marks on stainless steel
as our stainless steel is welded to prevent it falling apart and support without the use of glue or screw

Because stainless steel can be incredibly heavy, the stainless steel doors are made with an internal honeycomb structure, making it
lightweight so as to reduce the burden on the hinges. Despite being lightweight, it still maintains the tensile strength of a conventional
stainless steel material so durability is guaranteed.

And our standard door is treated to be finger proof with it being designed to SUS HL (Hair Line) Finish Steel.
As for table top, PVC board is added to add support.


Type of Stainless Steel Table Top

We have option for different stainless steel finishes for the table top. Different finishes have their own pros and cons.
For instance, a matte finish is perfect for table top as it will make minor scuffs / scratches (and fingerprints) look less visible.


SUS 201 Stainless Steel VS SUS 304 Stainless Steel

304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet durability will be better than 201 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet.

304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet makes an better choice for outdoor kitchen solution or wet kitchen as they are able to
withstand even the harsh elements of the outdoors. Although stainless steel cabinets are great for the outdoors, it still has a risk of being
corroded. The risk is higher when it is exposed to air that has a higher salt concentration, like somewhere near the beach. So take extra
care by wiping it down regularly or covering up the island cabinet with canvas when not being used.


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